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Healthy, Grass-Fed Beef for Your Table

Feed your family the best with Bridgepoint Run Farm's Grass-fed beef. Our cows are raised on pasture in the spring, summer, and into autumn. As long as there is grass out in the pasture, they are freely roaming the fields and foraging a number of both cool and warm season grasses. We use a sustainable farming practice called rotational grazing that allows us to move the cows to fresh pastures more often. By rotating them to different fields more frequently, we ensure the longevity of the pastures and make sure the cows are always fully satisfied with their foraging selection.

Cattle Diet

At Bridgepoint Run Farm in Montgomery, New Jersey, we raise grass-fed cows. In the late fall and winter months, our cows are fed both dry and wet hay. We feed them only the highest quality forages, such as alfalfa, timothy, orchard grass, and even sorghum-sudan grass to name a few. All of the hay that the cows consume is from our own stock, grown over the summer on our farm and other pieces of ground that we farm around town.

We believe in making the highest quality hay to ensure the healthiest, strongest, and best-tasting animals. After raising cows for over 90 years, our family has put together the most appropriate diet for our cows to ensure a top quality taste!

Limited Use of Antibiotics

Our cows are treated like our pets. If they get sick, we will use any means necessary to ensure we can give them the proper care to get them better. This means that antibiotics may be used occasionally when necessary.